My approach to policies is driven by the principle of acting in the long-term interests of the people of Sheffield Hallam.

I want our nation to enjoy compassionate prosperity; a society where everyone has the opportunity to make the most of their life and is encouraged to so while still providing a safety net for those in need.

I believe that we should grow our economy to be able to afford the services that make all of our lives better. Let’s stop the cuts and start investing in our future.

The ideas below are a direct result of talking to local residents and experts. They say we should:

For the Economy

  • Get companies that do business in the UK to pay tax on their UK sales and income
  • Crack down on tax avoidance and pursue tax evasion more aggressively
  • Stop commercial accountancy firms and financial businesses drafting tax legislation
  • Get a fair share of EU and Government funding for Sheffield

For Education & Training

  • Scrap tuition fees, just a Germany has done
  • Expand the number of high quality apprenticeships

For the Environment

  • Encourage new building to have energy-making as well as energy-saving features such as solar panels
  • Restore domestic solar power subsidies
  • Incentivise the reuse of brown-field sites for building to protect our green spaces
  • Make cycling safer on our streets through dedicated routes and more cycle lanes

In Transport

  • Prioritise better road and links across the North of England
  • Make our buses, trams and trains more reliable and better value so that they become a viable alternative to cars
  • Remove the need for enforced competition between Sheffield bus companies

For Health

  • End the NHS’s internal market and the privatisation of services
  • Keep the NHS out of the TTIP negotiations
  • Incentivise healthier lifestyles and diets

In Politics

  • Implement the Right to Recall so we can hold our MPs to account
  • Have more clarity about MPs financial interests and Party funding
  • Put a cap on political donations
  • Establish a Yorkshire Regional Assembly

These are the things I’ll fight for because these are things that matter to the people of Sheffield Hallam.