• The need to be heard and understood

    Today, I joined Carlton in speaking to the people of Sheffield about what matters to them. We spoke to 38 Degrees volunteers petitioning to save the NHS, and we chatted to people in Stannington too. It was absolutely clear to see how much people feel let down by politicians, and in many cases, powerless to do anything about it. Speaking to the local business owners in Stannington, we heard time and time again how unrepresented they feel, how much politicians don’t understand the needs of normal people. They were speaking about all politicians, regardless of what party they stand for. We heard about how cuts have affected their lives and how the VAT increase affected their business. We spoke to hard working people who love their city, but want to see and feel a system that is fair for all, at every level.

    A problem that was raised by many was the lack of community – of young people having no where to go, and the destitution that they are facing. Shop owners mentioned youths hanging around outside their shops with no future, and nothing to lose if they turn to a life dependent on benefits, or worse, crime. They highlighted the massive structural problem that needs to be addressed in our country. The need to enforce a welfare state that is fair, but encouraging people who can work to want to be self sufficient instead. But in order for this to happen, viable jobs have to be invested in. This is an absolute necessity for the future of our country.

    If nothing else, what was clear to me today is that people need to be listened to, that is what is really important. Right now, they are angry and want to be heard, and it was great to have the opportunity to listen.

    The benefit of voting for Carlton as an independent is that not only can he listen, but he is free to support only the logical policy suggestions for Hallam, and this can be on a policy by policy basis. He isn’t tied to any party, he only represents the views of the people in his constituency. For me, I suggest that is undoubtedly an alternative worth fighting for.