• Education Question Time in Sheffield

    Sheffield EQT flier 4As the General Election looms, there are more and more opportunities to hear what each of the candidates have to say.

    The NUT has organised a Question Time event here in Sheffield Hallam to talk about education. Having spent most of my career working in education, it’s a subject close to my heart.

    Our ability to thrive as a modern, successful economy depends on a well trained workforce. Sheffield hospitals rely on trained nurses, and the steelworks rely on qualified engineers. Simply put, better education and training leads to a more engaged workforce in all sectors of our economy.

    But more than that, learning (in all its guises) is, in and of itself, a good thing.

    Education translates into personal fulfilment, a stronger, more prosperous and understanding society; cultural richness, greater creativity and innovation.

    I’ll be very happy to talk about these issues with the candidates standing on behalf of the Westminster Parties.  It’s an open invite. Please join us.

    The event takes place on Tuesday 24 March between 6 and 7pm at High Storrs School, S11 7LH. You can book your place through Eventbrite.