• Being part of Our Fair City

    I’m delighted to have become a Champion of the Our Fair City project in Sheffield. Tackling inequality is something that really matters to me – it’s one of the reasons I’m standing in the general election.

    Our Fair City is a project that brings together people who “live, work, study or do business in Sheffield” in order to “make our great city a place we can be really proud of.” It’s about promoting fairness for all.  The Fairness Commission has established some good guidelines for how citizens and policy makers can make the city a fairer place:

    • Civic responsibility – all residents to contribute to making the city fairer and for all citizens to have a say in how the city works
    • Those with the most resources should make the biggest contributions
    • The commitment to fairness must be for the long-term
    • The commitment to fairness must be across the whole city
    • Preventing inequalities is better than trying to cure them
    • To be seen to act in a fair way as well as acting fairly
    • Those in greatest need should take priority
    • An open continuous campaign for fairness in the city
    • Fairness must be a matter of balance between different groups, communities and generations in the city
    • The city’s commitment to fairness must be both demonstrated and monitored in an annual report

    Our Fair City is an initiative that seeks to make our home “the fairest city in the UK” and encompasses supporters from across the political spectrum. It’s a great example of what we can do together.

    Why don’t you become a champion too?