I passionately believe, even as an independent candidate, I can make a difference. Vote for me and you’ll get a local family man who works with and for our community. My family live in Sheffield, my wife was born here and our children love their local primary schools. I know you’ll agree this is a great place to call home: the unique combination of city and country can’t be beaten.

I left school with just a handful of GCSEs and  a single A level but since then education has been a constant thread through my professional life, culminating in 2010 when I achieved a part time PhD. I’ve enjoyed a career that has combined lecturing at the University of Bradford, working for the BBC, taking senior leadership roles in commercial media companies and running my own small business from home. I’m a volunteer youth leader at our local church and a governor at my local schools.

I have worked with schools and children all over the world including Ethiopia,  Ghana and Palestinian refugee camps. It was an experience that changed me. Even in the most difficult of circumstances it was inspiring to see how education and training can transform lives. It reminded me of how fortunate we are to live in this country, but never to be complacent and to campaign to protect the things that matter.

I believe we should

  • restore free higher education
  • increase apprenticeships
  • protect our NHS from cuts and privatisation
  • invest in Sheffield’s local services
  • collect fair tax from international businesses
  • improve MPs’ accountability
  • upgrade our region’s transport infrastructure & services
  • devolve power to Yorkshire

Let’s grow our economy so that we can afford the services that make all our lives better.

A vote for me, is a vote for these ideals. I want to be your constituency MP – accessible, approachable and answerable to you.