• Thank you

    IMG_0464Six months ago I said to you “I’m going to fight Nick Clegg for the Sheffield Hallam seat. This is my constituency, my home, my neighbourhood and, frankly, I think we deserve better than party politics. I’d love it if you would support me. x”

    Obviously, last night’s result was not what I had hoped for. I am disappointed but I am not disheartened: I’ve done my best and stood up for what I believe. I stood because I live here and I care about our home. I still live here. And I still care.

    My campaign would have been impossible without you. I am so grateful to you for everything you have done. It is hard for me to describe how your generosity in time, money and effort has made me feel. Your endorsement and encouragement has meant so much – you didn’t have to do it and yet you gave without restraint or hesitation. It sounds like a politician’s cliche but it has left me feeling profoundly humbled. Your trust and faith in me has been remarkable and something that I will always treasure. Thank you. x

  • Vote for Something You Can Believe In

  • I will be your delegate in Parliament

    Sheffield Star Column

    If you elect me as your next MP, I will always act in your interests.

    When was the last time you saw our MP in person? We seem very important to the parties right now but it’s been five years since the politicians last cared what we thought.

    We deserve better. I am standing as an Independent in Sheffield Hallam because I want to change the way MPs work. At the end of this column I will make you a big offer, one that none of the main parties will dare to.

    I am a father of two, living in Fulwood. I’m a school governor and a volunteer youth leader at my neighbourhood church. I run a small business from home and teach at Bradford university. Sheffield is my home and I care about what happens here.

    I believe MPs should keep their promises. I think our local MP should act in our interests. I believe our government should protect the most vulnerable while working to create a flourishing society for everyone. Our last MP and the Coalition government haven’t done any of these things.

    We need change. I believe we should be investing in our future not simply cutting costs. Austerity does not address the causes of our economic problems and it won’t create a sustainable recovery. We need to think longer term if we want an economy that is strong enough to repay our debts and provide decent public services. I don’t believe any party has a monopoly on good ideas so we need to work together for the sake of Sheffield, Yorkshire and the UK.

    I will let you decide how I act

    So here’s my offer. Elect me and I’ll take your views to the Government for the whole time I’m your MP. If there is significant interest in Sheffield Hallam on any issue, I will let you decide how I act. I will do the research, speak to experts and present my findings. Then I will conduct a poll to ask how you want me to vote in Parliament. Where there’s a clear majority that’s how I will vote.

    At this election, we have the chance to make history and change the future. I will represent you, the people of Sheffield Hallam, not a political party. I won’t be the absent partner, taking you for granted for the next five years. I’ll stand up for you every single day. Vote for me and we can change politics, make our voices heard and our lives better.

    [This article was first published in the Sheffield Star]